We get that early on in any decision to renovate your house, the budget is a major consideration. We hope that the below pricing guide can assist you in your initial research for the estimated costs associated with rendering your home.

Of course, the cost to render a house is based on a number of factors, but that’s not to throw smoke up over some ‘magical’ illusory process in pricing.

We pride our selves in the consistency of pricing not just for our own economic responsibility of sustainability, but for your peace of mind in knowing that as a home-owner you are getting consistent great value, that isn’t elasticated through seasonal supply and demand fluctuations or the digits in your postcode!

The main determining factor is of course surface area, followed closely by substrate/brick type. We have provided a ball-park figure below on a few of our “most common” project types. Of course, we are always available to inspect and provide you with a fixed price quotation for your specific house or project.